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Firmware 1.4 released!

Here it is:

Feature requests, and bug reports can be posted in this forum or addressed to

Release notes:
GR-1 Firmware v1.4.0:

New features:
- Shift+Play : sample audition mode, use big slider to skip to the part of interest
- option to control volume of voices (in patch menu)
- Use big slider for menu's (super quick control of list and slider widgets)
- Load: No need to access folders for performance or patch, anymore. just click on folder and presto.
- Load file selector now keeps track of last path per data type (sample, patch, performance)
- usb stick plugging -> auto refresh in file selector
- blinking Load LED when pluggin in usb stick
- MUL/DIV for MIDI clock -> Density sync
- scan "detent" around 1x playing speed (for use when recording and playing simultaneously)
- Fine tune LFO speeds (turn Select to finetune last touched pot) .. allows very
- Better MUL/DIV display
- visual feedback for incremental saves (will refuse to increment when patch is not saved first)
- Fine tune sample loop (turn Select to fine tune last touched slider: start or end)
- MPE modulation clipping can be turned on/off

- Robust againsg Safari borked firmware files!
- *.AIF, the short version of *.AIFF is now accepted for sample files!
- zipper noise on density pot (fast pot movement at high densities) removed
- grain clocksync was not always refreshed in gui
- avoid incremental patch save to internal storage
- skips EFI boot partitions on USB disks. these partitions are very small and can't be seen by MacOS' finder or so.
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