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Feature Request GR-1: "play reverse" mode for grains

I find that I often would like to play grains reverse. Especially the grains from percussive sounds are still quite recognizable. I helped myself using reversed samples, but a cahnging the play direction of the grains in real time would be much cooler.

Perhaps with the direction beeing modulatable:
* modsource-value >= 0 is play forward
* modsource-value < 0 is play backward

For CV the threshold might be 2.5 Volt


  • for long grains it makes sense, yes. we had this idea in the early stages of development. but it didn't make it in the end. we'll see what we can do..
  • play reverse would be a great feature to add
  • +1 for this feature. Would also be great if grains could be played both normal and reversed within the same patch randomly, similar to what happens in Tom Erbe's ++bubbler plugin (
  • Hi natchez, the random fwd/rew-play is a very nice idea! I support that!
  • yes, that seems like a good one. we'll need to get cracking on that expander device to add some extra knobs for this. :)
  • In regards of the handling: isn't the shift-cutoff and shift-resonance still unused?
  • shift resonance is patch volume unfortunately. have to think a bit about what's most user-friendly..
  • edited June 14
    Hello Tasty Chips, following up on the status of this feature request.

    Are there any plans to allow reverse playback of grains? Essentially, update the the behavior of the scan knob to be akin to that of the speed knob of the Qu Bit Electronix Nebulae V2.

    Stated verbosely, if the sample is scanning in reverse, the grains themselves play in reverse. If the sample is scanning forward, the grains play forward.

    The behavior of scan could be toggled from the settings menu allowing the user to keep the behavior as it is now or switch to playing grains in reverse when the scanning the sample is reverse.
  • You can approximate reverse play using a reversed grain window, and reverse scan.

    There are still plans to include somekind of reverse play and spray (only from the GRC-1 controller). At this moment there are many other things that have higher priority.
  • edited June 21
    A reversed grain window; Could an example of how to do this be provided I do no see any information on this in the user manual.
  • This is the latest manual:

    Find all the latest GR-1 downloads here:

    To get such a grain window: Just slide up the Sides fader and then use Tilt to go from an "Ah" type to a "Ha" type.. if you catch my drift ;)
  • Ah, long attack short decay so to speak. That does sort of emulate reverse play back of a gran.

    Thanks for the advice, but I think we will all still eagerly await true reverse grain play back :]
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