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Feature Request GR-1: Single shot mode

Until now the play position always loops to the other end of the sample when it is scanning forward or reverse. I'd like to have a single shot mode , where the play position pointer stops at the end position.

The grains still should jump to the start, when the spread range reaches over there, same for the LFO modulation of the play position. But the general scanning function should be switchable to "single shot".

Another idea might be a behaviour of the scanning as we know it from the classic akai samplers: Define a startpoint, an endpoint and a looppoint. And then a "Loop on/off" function.


  • can do! to implement this for scanning is fairly straightforward. it's in the issue list for 1.5 (or 1.6 ..)
  • I was just about to ask for this, too. So the GR-1 can function as a simple sample player for piano sounds, etc. Good news. Glad to see the instrument evolving. My first day with it was a lot of fun.
  • If this is implemented would it be possible to get longer grain size...especially for functioning as a simple sample player?
  • Hi David, If you want to use it as a simple sample player, use sample audition mode ;) Shift+Play (or the toggle in the patch menu)
  • and yes, in 1.5 "one shot" mode is implemented for scanning.
  • In a simple sampler mode I would like to be able to play the MIDI keyboard to trigger different notes.
  • isn't that possible already?
  • If you are playing a single grain (or so) say of an electric piano sample then a single/(almost minimum) grain will not reach the end of the sample which is about 3 sec long (density .263, grain size max, spray 0)
  • but ehh.. if you put it in audition mode? then there's a single grain playing the entire sample.
  • yes audition will play the entire sample but it loops it even with 1 shot setting. I must be missing something :-)
  • probably one shot is only for scan.. i already can't remember how i implemented this a month ago ;) hahaha. in any case, you can release the midi note? this will stop the grain also, after the envelope has released..
  • Still some weird stuff with previous notes hanging in Audition mode. Newer played MIDI notes seem to not be in Audition mode(?)
  • Hm, I seem to recall something like that. Tomorrow I'll be back in the lab and will check! Stay tuned.
  • I've written this down for v1.6.. That's most likely October. Sampler-like bugfixes I'm mostly writing up for future releases (instead of the current 1.5), because the GR-1 design is dedicated to granular processing.
  • > because the GR-1 design is dedicated to granular processing.
    I agree with this. The intention of my suggestion was not, to get a sample-player, but a more sophisticated granular synth.
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