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GR-1 : Basic samples edit functionalities ?

It would be quite useful to have some basic edit functions directly in the GR-1... Being at least able to cut & delete a portion at the start and a portion at the end and then this shorter sample becomes the new one ie. filling all the display window... Any chance to get this in a future update ?


  • Thanks for your request. We had a very clear vision of the GR-1 from the start that it wouldn't be a sample editor. It is a texture synth. Meaning you can quickly skip to interesting parts in the sample and manipulate. The position slider is quite high precision and the spray knob allows down to 0.001% spray window size.. This means that even if you cannot see the part in detail, you do have a very high degree of control over it.
  • Completely here where you guys are coming from, however I must second this request for a most basic control over the loaded sample.

    At times the texture is the entire pad that is being scanned over. Feature is simply the request to control the width of the window in which the device loops over.
  • This is already possible. Use loop start and end (shift+sides , shift+curve).. and enable scan loop confinement (patch menu). This can have multiple modes too like loop, oneshot, and pingpong. Loop start and end can also be finetuned very precisely. Also note that sample position can be modulated using LFO (including the auxiliary waveform) too.
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