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Remaining Memory Indication on GR-1

Is there any way to see how memory is remaining?


  • I'll answer your question with a question. Why do you need this?
  • (New user) I want to add some of my own samples to the internal memory and want to know how much space is left for samples.
  • There are 32 sample slots of 10 MB (close to 2 minutes) each ..
  • OK great, thanks! I am still having some difficulty understanding memory management/location of files, etc.
  • Alright, have you seen the Youtube videos that show have to load and save ?

    And is the manual clear enough?
  • Perhaps you can clarify the following if new external samples can only be saved internally as part of a Performance.
  • Yes, we can clarify: The GR-1 has no delete button. If you save samples internally (/media/internal) it will fill up and at some point you can't use it anymore. That's why save to internal is turned off. Performances on the other hand, only 6 of those can be stored on internal, so space will always be enough. We'll document more clearly in the next manual.
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