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Live sampling

I have got the setup as described in the video working with both pre-recorded content as well as a live musical instrument. Am I correct in assuming there will always be the length of the sample buffer delay between live musical instrument and the GR-1's manipulated output. I have set the scan speed/direction to match the record wiper as in the video. If this is the case is it possible to avoid the delay or does this require a record time less than 1 second?


  • Hi David,

    No that's not correct. It can be shorter for sure. The buffer size shouldn't really matter.

    If you set the play pointer/wiper/vertical (blue) line just a bit behind the record pointer (red) then you should have minimal delay. Of course, the squares (grains) may spill over to the right side of the record pointer.. That would give a big delay. Keep the spray low.

    Also, there may be another delay between the source you're recording from. The code was never designed with that in mind. But if you want to mix it back with an external mixer it may make sense to get that fixed, or to add an external delay before mixing.
  • Thanks that really helps! I have now set the scan time to 1.00 or sometimes slightly less, then play instrument and occasionally stop recording, then start again to synchronize/freeze. It's hard to dial in a scan time a tiny bit less than 1.00 but overall it does seem to work just fine.
    Was the other delay source the interface latency? I'm using a Presonus Audiobox 2 which seems to work well (sometimes needs to be plugged in/out several times to be recognized) Latency doesn't seem to be a problem with elec piano, not sure about drums.
  • Ok, good to hear. Hmm. The scan speed 1.0 was especially made with a small "dead zone" in the control when recording. It's strange that you'd need to resync play and rec. But that would mean some audio cards have a bit different clock from the GR-1's internal DAC clock. We tested a couple of sound cards, and even after minutes there was no noticable shift..

    The other source of latency may be that we don't explicitly "flush" the capture data stream when starting to record. But I think this is just my paranoia talking.

    Thanks for the info.
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