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GR-1 MIDI mapping?

Hi. I have an issue w the GR-1 that I can’t find an answer for either in the manual or by fiddling around. I would like to be able to map different patches to different root notes on my keyboard: for example, I have one sample that’s in the key of A major, so I would like to have that triggered by an A on my keyboard rather than the default C. I’m triggering the GR-1 w a juno-106 that’s playing at the same time, so it’s crucial that the GR-1 is playing in the right key. Is there any way to do this?


  • Hmm.. mapping different patches to different notes, that would potentially imply the GR-1 playing different patches at once?
  • Perhaps I'm not explaining it right, it seems like it should be a fairly straightforward thing: I'm not trying to use multiple patches at once. What I'm trying to do is, for a given individual patch, be able to control what the root MIDI note of that patch is. The default seems to be C3 -- in other words, when I play a C3 on an attached MIDI controller, the GR-1 plays a given sample at its original pitch; when I play G3, it plays the sample up a fifth, when I play C4, it plays the sample up an octave, etc. What I'd like to be able to do is program a given patch so that it plays the original sample on a note other than C3; for example, on one patch I've built, the sample is in A, so I'd like that sample to play at original pitch when I play A2 (and then up a fifth at E3, up an octave at A3 etc.) In another patch, the sample is in F, so I'd like that patch to play the original sample when I play F3 (and then up a fifth at C4, up an octave at F4 etc.) Basically, I'd like to have different patches play at different root notes. Is this possible?
  • Ok, a sort of MIDI base note then. Yes, that's straightforward. Configurable per patch then, I guess?
  • Yes, exactly, each patch (potentially) playing off a different root note. Is this functionality currently in there and I'm just missing it? Or perhaps in a future update?
  • It's not in there yet. Not for MIDI, only for the "play mode" (when the play button is lit and pitch is controlled with the sliders). But I'll put it down for firmware version 1.6. :)
  • Natchez.. Pfff.. I forgot. (More coffee pls!) You probably just want to use the Pitch knob (on the right hand side of the panel)! You can use it in conjuction with a tuning sound which is activated by holding down the "Escape" button 3 seconds to pitch your samples. Turning the pitch knob displays a numeric value 0.5 .. 2.0 . Where 0.5 is one octave down and 2.0 is one octave up. In the next firmware we'll include a semitones display.
  • No rush on adding this functionality, but it would be helpful. For one thing, are pitch changes saved along with a patch? On my GR-1, pitch appears to be a global setting (i.e. when I load up a patch, it flips to wherever the pitch knob happens to be, not what it was at when I saved the patch). Second, the patch generation/saving process is already one of my least favorite/clunkiest aspects of the GR-1, if I'm being honest. On my other synths, when I create a sound I like, I'm able to just press one button, maybe two, and instantly save it to the internal memory of the synth. Which is the kind of simple process that's great for workflow. On the GR-1 I have to press all sorts of buttons and navigate all sorts of menus, and to save a patch to the internal memory I have to save the entire performance, it seems. So adding another little bit of mental calculation ("OK, if this sample is a G# but it defaults to C, I have to raise it a major third, so that the root transposes down to G#" is just kind of awkward and annoying, even if the pitch is labeled in semitones not numeric values.
  • Short version: any improvements you can make to the patch-management process, whatever streamlining you can do, would be greatly appreciated.
  • 1. Pitch (tuning) is stored along with a patch. When loading it should load up that storing tuning parameter and not look at the knob. Will make an issue for it. But first.. You probably are using it without "Setpoints" (Performance menu) ? Also, you're running the latest firmware?

    2. Patch saving. The best way is just to Quicksave your performance. Performance button should be lit, and then Shift+Save. This will just take 2 seconds to save.. Because it only saves the current patch and the performance settings.

    Because the GR-1 allows external storage of thousands of patches, the file management is more complex than a typical hardware synth. But we'll try to make it easier in the future.
  • I tried to reproduce your problem with tuning, but couldn't. The tuning information is stored inside the patch. The GR-1 directly uses it after having loaded the patch. However (!) there may still be some outdated tuning info on the display! I will make it so that the display info is cleared after loading. That may get rid of some confusion.
  • Hey hey. Just re-upping this because I'm in the process of create a new GR-1 performance set for a new gig. It still would be super, super helpful to have the ability to choose the root note for each sound (i.e., to be able to change the root MIDI note that plays the original sample at its original pitch). Would be so much quicker and more intuitive than having to change the pitch of the sample. Thanks.
  • Hi Natchez. Will write it down as a request for v2.1.
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