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Static and hiss in signal path?

Hi, I was happy to receive my saw bench synth last week but using the only MIDI controller I currently have on hand (a KMI Qunexus and midi expander) the box seems to generate a fair amount of crackling and hiss, which would make recording the synth hard. Before you ask, this is not a result of my settings but seemed to happen uniformly despite the settings.

I tested several 1/4" cables as I initially thought it was the cable, but the noise was the same with all of them.

The adapter meets your power and pin specs, but was $5 from, so I don't know if a cheap power supply might cause this. I am using 9v but would 12v help?

Finally, I was only a few feet away from a speaker (probably not shielded) when this was happening and did not think to test if that was a factor.

Any ideas appreciated, but I'm basically asking if my unit is defective. Thanks! RT


  • Does this also happen with your other instruments connected to same power network ?
  • If you could make a recording of you playing a few notes?
  • I will make a recording and post it when I have a chance. To cereyanlimusiki, no, it does not do it with other instruments using the same MIDI controller and amplifier, good question.
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