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Scan Forward-Scan Backwards

I am trying to understand the Scan Backwards. Scan Forwards always works. The Scan Backwards will sometimes stop scanning backwards at the sample beginning. It will scan backwards for a while and then stop. Is this related to how many times the sample has played forward (in a buffer) or what determines how many times the sample can be scanned backwards?


  • A user also reported that scan pingpong could get stuck. This week we'll look into it..
  • Checkout the following firmware update ..
    this should fix reverse scan problems. tell me how it works out..
  • Just tried it with the factory loaded presets 1-3 and 1-4 (MDJupiter) and when scan is in reverse it stalls at the beginning of the sample when in Loop or One-Shot. :-( Ping pong works as it should.
  • Well, it should stall at the beginning in one-shot, right? That's why it's called one-shot. Or ehh. Do you mean in forward scan? In loop it shouldn't, at least, so it needs another revision. Will check if we can work on this tomorrow.
  • 1 shot is fine in both directions. Yes, just the Loop function problematic.
  • Ok, managed to reproduce on the Maxime Dangles presets like you said. It is clear what is going wrong. It scans outside the loop range.. It should immediately wrap to end when starting to scan in reverse.. Seems like an easy fix.
  • Sorry to say but this still stalls when in Scan backwards. Tried with same presets as well as others. As previous sometimes scan backwards will work at least once if the preset is first allowed to scan forward for a bit, but eventually it will stall when put in backwards mode.
  • Can you make a video? Because I'm not sure I can properly reproduce this.. I'll try again today at least.. Have you verified you are running exactly?
  • Software version is I am using Arturia Keystep as MIDI controller but keyboard seems to have no effect on this. Once preset is stuck a new key will not unstick it. I will see if I can figure out someway to video (later)
  • I see. Isn't the problem that turning the scan knob bounces the direction or so? I'm testing now, but I cannot reproduce..
  • Select the preset then turn scan to be backwards value. Cursor gets stuck at very beginning(end?). New key press even with Grain key sync will not reset cursor. (Slider knob will reset cursor, but with scan value negative it will scan back to start(?) position and stay stuck there
  • Oops Key sync does restart scan (too early in morning here :-) Here's a video of scan backwards stalling at beginning of sample...Video at (Note the first 2 scans has loop markers (red green) reversed - changing had no effect on stalling) 3rd scan -different preset has no loop markers and stalls also.
  • Ok, will try to reproduce this. But the video is not available here? Is it private or so?
  • Changed permissions for video. should be visible
  • ok, clear.
  • edited September 10
    I cannot reproduce the stall. I have:
    - Scan loop confinement: ON
    - Scan mode: Loop

    It does stop in One shot mode, as by design.

    Can you tell me what other settings you have changed in the patch menu?
  • Ok, on to something. it seems to stall at zero sometimes when not having looped forward previously. Hope to fix this, this week.
    This zip of preset. When you look at the preset file it says sample_loop = False, however when you load the patch, then shift patch to see the settings it shows the that Loop is chosen rather than One shot. Perhaps I'm just looking at the wrong variable or.....
  • "sample_loop" in the patch files corresponds to "sample loop confinement" in the patch menu. thanks for the huge download :) will check
  • YES!!! Thank you.
  • this means it works? :D
  • Yes it works! :-D
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