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Best way to create presets from samples on the GR-1 ?

I've created an nice bunch of samples I'd like to use on my GR-1. How do I create an empty Performance to load them into? (haven't found that in the manual).

Ideally I'd have some sort of default Preset on each preset button, load a different sample in each preset, then tweak the parameters as required.

I can't find an efficient way of doing this + my sounds get all messed up with whatever current Performance is loaded.

Pointers appreciated! Thanks!


  • Just copypaste empty patches and quicksave the performance for each new preset.

    Load a sample into a preset, tweak the parameters. Then quicksave the performance again.

    Then copypaste the patch to another preset, tweak, quicksave.. repeat.
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    Thank you! Is there really no feature to create a blank performance of init presets? Anyway, will try this out now.
  • Sorry, there is no such feature. Maybe in a future version. But the patch menu is already so crowded, and getting slow.
  • Thanks, this would really be for the Perf menu: Init Performance. If you were really nice you'd allow the use to select a sample directory and you'd create one init preset for each sample and name it after the sample. I'll put that on my Christmas wish-list :)
  • Ok, noted.
  • Thank you. It will make preset creation much faster.
  • Reupping this one too, another +1 for this suggestion. Any way to speed up the preset/Performance creation process would be MUCH appreciated. (I love the sound of the GR-1 more than any other synth I have, really, but use it much less than I should because the patch creation/management system is so clunky. Even just not having to rename Patches in order to quicksave would be helpful.) Init Performance command would be a gamechanger.
  • Considering it's not that hard a feature to implement *knocks on wood*, we'll go for it. To be implemented in 2.1.

    Btw, 2.0 supports plugging in computer keyboard for naming stuff.. The only problem is that it needs to be plugged in already before powering up :/ But maybe it helps..
  • Oh that's cool. Good to know. Thanks.
  • About init performance.. Seeing what you guys mean.. this is not going to be easy after all. But, we're going to see what is possible and in which time frame. Which samples should the procedure take. If there are more than 32 samples in the directory it would just sort them alphabetically?

    The feature could be accessed like this: 1. Press Perf, 2. Press Copy.. You'd enter the file chooser, and you'd have to browse to your sample directory.. Would that be ok?
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    > Load a sample into a preset, tweak the parameters.
    > Then quicksave the performance again.
    done this.. but now Perf-Preset's name is 'empty' :D when i try to change the name, there are only folders to choose from. Ok i've counted (folder 18) but in it is only 'empty.grp' and no possibility to change the name.. maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  • Sorry..i forgot: OS 2.0.4
  • Maxibibl: To name your preset, use:
    1. Press Patch to enter patch mode
    2. Press Save to enter the file chooser, to save and name it somewhere.

    The performance should, next time it gets saved, also use this preset name.

    It's also possible to open the .grp your mac/pc and edit the "name = blabla" field to change the patch name with your fave text editor.
  • yopp! thank you! :D
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