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Best way to create presets from samples on the GR-1 ?

I've created an nice bunch of samples I'd like to use on my GR-1. How do I create an empty Performance to load them into? (haven't found that in the manual).

Ideally I'd have some sort of default Preset on each preset button, load a different sample in each preset, then tweak the parameters as required.

I can't find an efficient way of doing this + my sounds get all messed up with whatever current Performance is loaded.

Pointers appreciated! Thanks!


  • Just copypaste empty patches and quicksave the performance for each new preset.

    Load a sample into a preset, tweak the parameters. Then quicksave the performance again.

    Then copypaste the patch to another preset, tweak, quicksave.. repeat.
  • edited August 2018
    Thank you! Is there really no feature to create a blank performance of init presets? Anyway, will try this out now.
  • Sorry, there is no such feature. Maybe in a future version. But the patch menu is already so crowded, and getting slow.
  • Thanks, this would really be for the Perf menu: Init Performance. If you were really nice you'd allow the use to select a sample directory and you'd create one init preset for each sample and name it after the sample. I'll put that on my Christmas wish-list :)
  • Ok, noted.
  • Thank you. It will make preset creation much faster.
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