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Problem saving samples

I'm running OS on the GR-1. I can load my samples from a USB thumb drive and can play them but I'm unable to save them to a preset. I load a sample, press the sample button, press the copy button, then press an empty location (bank 3, preset1) and the sample disappears. What am I doing wrong? Thankx.


  • Hi! Just press the Copy button again. Then it stops blinking and the wave form is copied into the preset. You then need to save the performance to permanently store it! Performance Quick Save:
    1) Press Perf
    2) Press Shift + Save
    .. Save button will blink a few seconds..
  • I was trying to save to the internal storage but now I realize that isn't possible
  • It's only possible to store entire performances to internal storage, not separate patches. The disk might fill up.. This is all in the manual btw.
    Under "saving a patch".
  • I am having the same issue. I have followed the instructions and it seems impossible to save a loaded sample to a preset.
  • I think I fogured it out....set empty patch load sample and then hit quick save performance. No need to copy.
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