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GR-1 + Zoom H4n as AI

Can anybody confirm if the Zoom H4n can be used as audio interface for live sampling. The H4n is class compliant, but usually it needs extra power via an active USB hub.

Any experience?


  • A user reports that the H4 works fine with the GR-1.
  • Yes, I'm this user and it works extremely fine !
  • Do I have to use a powered hub? Or is the H4 and the GR-1 enough?
  • The best is to have the Zoom self-powered either with batteries or with external power unit supplied with it. I did not even try without power only relying on the GR-1 USB power but I doubt it works fine.
  • Thanks a lot for making it clear. Selfpowered is preferable from my side, too. I had have an AI which needed a powered USB Hub in between. (selfpowered was not possible.)
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