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USB-Jog/Shuttle for GR-1?

has anyone run a Jog-Wheel (e.g. see link below) on the GR-1 USB-port yet?
Want it for fine tuning to move through the sample-data.. and i'd like to know before I buy it.
cheers maxiärkeregler/dp/B003VWU2WA


  • If it can be used as a USB MIDI controller, then it can work. Otherwise.. not really. If it would simulate a mouse wheel or keyboard volume controls we could build in support..
  • Hi, thanks for the answer.. USB-MIDI.. i don't know. Maybe this one could work? It is specially designed for DAW control:
  • Interesting... Since there's no function indication on the buttons, I assume that it needs to be used with learning software.. The GR-1 as it is now, doesn't allow user assignment of such buttons. But it may be nice in the future to have something like this. Although we are looking much more at faders and knobs than buttons.
  • edited February 2019
    I had both versions of the contour. It uses custom drivers and host software to emulate keyboard and mouse commands. Its useless without it, unfortunately.
  • @jsboom: thanks for the info...
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