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GR-1 firmware 1.6 - beta testing

We'll most likely have a new beta ready next week. Any testers?

changes so far:

New features:

- Setting of record level using slider
- Aux LFO wave can now be offset (slider patch menu)
- Succesful patch / performance load messages


- One additional 6 dB output boost
- Remember position in menus
- Proper cents [-50..+50] display
- More responsive display: optimized main screen to always run 60 fps
- faster boot (at the expense of a lag when first entering menus)


- Old (possibly invalid) parameter status after patch load
- LFO cubic curve setting wasn't properly restored when changing to / loading patch
- Big slider to set record start mode now works properly
- When voice sliders control volume they retrigger at the correct volume
- Subosc balance slider went out of range


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