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GR-1 compatible interfaces

Hi just received my unit. Excited to get started.

Is there a list of compliant interfaces that will work with the USB port? I noticed that folks are saying 'class compliant', but I'm actually unsure of what that means. I'm looking for a very low profile interface to interact with my GR-1. Really on par with something like
.. lol, for $10 it has to be too good to be true.

Or perhaps an Apogee Jam Plus.

I'm trying to avoid having another box adding to the clutter. Some of these low profile micro USB interfaces would be ideal.


  • Ok, the forum doesn't allow me to edit my post, haha. So I'm caught up on class compliant interfaces. is there a very portable class compliant interface that is entirely bus powered? Does the GR-1 deliver bus power to an interface?

  • Apogee One, albeit expensive for a dedicated interface for my GR-1, looks nice and looks portable. However it is not bus powered .. trying to avoid all these additional plugs.
  • We maintain a list of supported (and problematic) usb sound cards. Please see the manual, section "Supported USB soundcards":
  • great. Thank you for the info. I have one ordered. Follow up q - for the live input sampling, does the unit convert to mono like it does with imported samples? If so, how does it handle that process for a USB interface taking a stereo input? Summing to mono? taking L only?
  • Indeed, it mixes L+R recorded input down to mono.
  • Hi grant. How’d the sound card work out for you? Do you hear any interference when it’s connected?
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