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Possible bug on GR1?

After loading a longer recording 600meg, my GR1 started acting strangely. All the grains start to pulsate firing off at the same time rather than a continuous stream. It does this on all sounds and even the presets that come with the unit.

Restarting does not seem to clear out the bug.

Also, the streams glitch out and fire randomly on occasion from other parts of the waveform when I press different keys.

I'm wondering if whatever ram buffer might have been filled and need to be cleared out? Is there any way to manually do that because powering off and on does not seem to make the GR1 stable like it was before?


  • Oh yeah I am on the latest firmware 1.6.1
  • Hhhmm. Never tried to feed it anything this large (anyway, it will just ignore everything after 112 seconds). Did you reset the GR-1 while saving or so?
  • Did you save the large sample to the default performance (Performance1) ? It's gets autoloaded at startup, which would explain a lot..
  • No nothing like that. Just looked at some tracks I had on the thumbstick I plugged in and then the grains all pulsate firing off at the same time now.

    Didn't save anything. Just power off and on and its buggy.
    Was really smooth before that.
  • Wow, I see. Well, we'll test this. If we can reproduce then we'll make a fix asap. In the mean time, drop us a line: . we may be able to resolve your problem by reflashing the internal SD card...
  • What brand and model thumbstick was it btw?
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