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GR-1 Version 2.0

I just received my GR-1 which I really love! I read in the news about the version 2.0 upgrades including an improved processor. I assume that I will be able to update my unit; at what additional cost? Thanks for a wonderful product!


  • Our pleasure ;)

    The 2.0 software is free.

    The hardware is a different story. First, it's optional. You don't need it, but it will increase the number of voices. If you want to build it in yourself: no soldering required, only a couple of screws and a connector.. Single board computes (Raspberry Pi clones) typically cost 60-80 EUR. We still have to make the final decision which it is going to be. Also this year the official Pi4 is expected.. You will also need a new SD card for the new board..
  • As long as there is a comprehensive guide provided on how to do this, I would have no problem dropping in the board myself once TC Specifies which one. Maybe even a kit with all the parts ready to go? Anyways I'm very excited about the update and it FAR exceeded my wildest dreams for this unit. Congrats TC for being fantastic!
  • Thanks for your reply. I look forward to the software 2.0 and will also want to add the hardware modification with Pi4 or equivalent. Will this be announced in an email to registered users? I will definitely enjoy the greater potential of the GR-1. Keep up the great work on this marvelous instrument!
  • We'll send out a news letter once again when it's released..
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