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GR-1 Version 2.0

I just received my GR-1 which I really love! I read in the news about the version 2.0 upgrades including an improved processor. I assume that I will be able to update my unit; at what additional cost? Thanks for a wonderful product!


  • Our pleasure ;)

    The 2.0 software is free.

    The hardware is a different story. First, it's optional. You don't need it, but it will increase the number of voices. If you want to build it in yourself: no soldering required, only a couple of screws and a connector.. Single board computes (Raspberry Pi clones) typically cost 60-80 EUR. We still have to make the final decision which it is going to be. Also this year the official Pi4 is expected.. You will also need a new SD card for the new board..
  • As long as there is a comprehensive guide provided on how to do this, I would have no problem dropping in the board myself once TC Specifies which one. Maybe even a kit with all the parts ready to go? Anyways I'm very excited about the update and it FAR exceeded my wildest dreams for this unit. Congrats TC for being fantastic!
  • Thanks for your reply. I look forward to the software 2.0 and will also want to add the hardware modification with Pi4 or equivalent. Will this be announced in an email to registered users? I will definitely enjoy the greater potential of the GR-1. Keep up the great work on this marvelous instrument!
  • We'll send out a news letter once again when it's released..
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    Ho shit... So a drop-in power-up replacement WILL become a reality? Now that it's multitimbral, it DOES make sense to do that... So I suppose having more than 4x8 presets will become a reality if the power-up has more RAM? This remains probably the only thing I find a drawback regarding GR-1 considering its price point.

    I really may have to separate with some cash for this one. Really well done job, TC!

    I assume any even ballpark price for the GRC-1 MIDI contrroller is not even calculable at the moment? I'm asking because GR-1 at 850€ ain't exactly a casual buy (and I don't want to diminish the great work you're doing, I hope you understand)...
  • Thanks EvilDragon. The GRC-1 price.. We don't know. It's not the electronics cost.. The software development is quite expensive because we have to build USB firmware from the ground up. And in terms of hardware the pots and encoders cost a lot. And a pretty metal casing.. It will be about 300 EUR. If we made 10.000 pieces of this baby, sure it could be half. But instead, we make hundreds, tops, and cater to a very specific niche. Not trying to put you down, but that's the reality of the situation. We love doing what we do, but we need to pay the mortgage and rent too.
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    No, that is entirely understandable. It just means I would have to save up for a lot longer time :D

    > We love doing what we do

    And by all means, keep on doing it because you're great at it! :)

    Another question regarding GRC-1: would it be designed in such a way that you can slot-in GR-1 into it, somehow? Maybe even share the PSU? THAT would be cool and definitely worth the cost (especially the part about sharing the PSU). If it can be without a wallwart with a built in PSU and an IEC plug... that would indeed be 300€ well spent right there.

    Also how many octaves? I'm hoping you'll say 5 octaves Fatar TP/9 :)

    Sorry, that was three questions! ^_^
  • Oh yes, the GRC-1 will be completely USB powered, and run on the GR-1's USB ports. No additional power supply required.

    Oh, the GRC-1 will be a MIDI controller with rotary encoders, sliders, rotary pots, buttons, and may be even a joystick (maybe), but no keyboard! But yes, 5 octaves is a nice range to have.. We're working on ideas of a flagship model with a built in keyboard.. but it will be a while. 5 octaves is definitely the size we're thinking about.
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    Ah I see, it's just an additional MIDI controller with... additional controls! Not sure why I thought it'd be a keyboard. But yes, working off of GR-1's USB port is great. I love it.

    I wish the USB connector weren't so flaky and easy to plug right out with little force. If you can figure out a method to somehow lock it to be more secure, by all means that'll be welcome! :) Actually, now that I look, my NI Kore 2 controller has a metal hook below the USB port that you can raise and make the USB plug quite difficult to remove. Good stuff!
  • A hook? That's interesting, actually! That kind of "lock" feature, or even the ruggedness of the DIN-5 MIDI connection, is indeed something that's missing from devices nowadays. And don't get me started about micro USB.
  • Ha, those are awesome!

    Regarding the "hook" on Kore 2 controller, you can see it here:

    That thing to the left of the USB port can be rotated so that it lodges below the USB port, which makes it harder to just pluck the cable out of the port.

    But those locking cables you found seem like an even sturdier solution!
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