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Roli Seaboard Compatibility

Hi, I love what I'm seeing about the GR-1 so far, and am seriously considering pre-ordering one. But first, I know it has MPE compatibility, and I've seen pics of it with the Seaboard Rise, but I'm curious if you have any videos or other information demonstrating and specifying the integration of the two. I have the Rise 49 and would be using it as my main controller for the GR-1, so I want to make sure it'll work the way I want first (and preferably without too many setup headaches). Thanks very much, and kudos on an incredible synth!


  • Hello! We've developed the GR-1 along with the Seaboard Block. MPE integration was pretty straightforward. You need to toggle "MPE" in the Performance Menu, that's it. There are several modulation possibilities. The MPE dimensions like strike (velocity), lift, aftertouch and timbre are all present in the matrix, and ofcourse pitchbend per note.
  • That's awesome! Thanks for the info. Just curious, are you going to be doing any demo vids of the two together? I would love to hear how it works in practice. Thanks again!
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