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Power supply for GR-1

Hi there, does the GR-1 ship with adapters for different continents/countries?


  • It ships with a general AC/DC adapter that can handle 110-230V input, so it works for all countries. We don't ship the AC lead, though. (Most people have 10 of them lying around, so..)
  • Well, I think I have 1 extra one somewhere. I'm the 1% that's not included in the 'most' category:)
  • Hmmm.. We'll think of something for the future. We need some extra space to store all the variants of those AC cables....
  • Lol, I thought it was the figure 8 shape that I needed-the kind of plug a Virus takes. I do have a few regular AC leads...not 10, but a few:). Anyway, looking forward to getting mine once you send me that email to take the rest of my money. Happy to hear that we'll be able to upgrade by just getting a new Pi board. You guys gonna be at NAMM?
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