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GR-1 Firmware 2.0 - beta testing

Hi guys,

Firmware 2.0 is coming up. The beta will be ready on Monday. We're looking for beta testers. Drop us a line at if you're up for it. We hope to release the final version later on this month.

About 2.0: this is a large rewrite and makes it multitimbral. This firmware allows you to:

- Record one sample into the GR-1, granulate it, and replay it on a single note, while you are jamming on your MIDI keyboard with another GR-1 patch. All this is visualized in real-time using split screen.

- Layer up to 4 patches

It also adds quicker menu navigation and quicker file chooser navigation, a richer MOD matrix, and numerous smaller features.



  • Can't wait !!! :)
  • And yes, 2.0.1 is now available from ! Enjoy!
  • edited February 13
    120 cc bug remains :(

    Probably also worth noting the update messed up my custom patches....they all sound modulated now.
  • edited February 14
    I have personally tested the CC 120 bug. It was definitely gone. I will reopen the issue and hopefully 2.0.2 will fix it. Will make another issue for the patches. Can you please send us some to ? Just zip up the patch folder. This way we can reproduce and fix the problem.
  • Thanks for reopening the issue. Its strange that the bug kills the release yet the release value shown on the patch never changes itself. I can get you my custom patch as an example but unsure how. Its the same one I used in my video of the release bug. After updating it now has like a deep modulation on it that wasn't there before. How can I get the patch off the device and zip and email it to you? Thanks.
  • Oh you can just:
    1. Insert USB stick, and wait a few seconds until Load button stops blinking
    2. Press Patch
    3. Press Save
    4. Choose /usb using the select knob
    5. Press Save and enter name, then save again (from the top of my head).. see the manual for full description ;)
  • Dear Relapse808,

    Have you succeeded in saving the patch to USB? We're now doing the bugfixes for the 2.0.2 release.. Please let us know. Thanks.
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