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Signal “noise” at the two CV in ports (GR-1)

Not sure if this is a new problem I’m having or that I just didn’t notice it before, but it seems like I’m experiencing some noise or interference at the “CV in” ports on my GR-1. The issue is identical for both CV 1 and CV 2. This seems to only happen when there’s nothing plugged into the CV jacks. It is most noticeable by setting the CV destination(s) to Position (because with Position there’s a visual of it jittering around). After setting the destination, the “noise” increases in a normal way as the Amount is turned up. But when a control voltage source is hooked up, that “noise” is not present... so it is really only a problem when cv 1/2 has its amount turned above zero while nothing is plugged into the jack.
The problem seems to persist even after:
-trying different power outlets
-restarting the unit
-updating the firmware to 2.0.1

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  • edited February 2019
    This is normal. The CV doesn't cut to 0 when it's unconnected. That's what the amount knob is for. Please turn it to 0.
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