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More bugs :(

So I chatted with tasty chips via email and updated to 2.03 which fixed my midi issue.....i left my equipment on while I worked from home.....hit my patch and it was like the processing of the unit slowed down. It would sound correct then go into weird studdering. Made a video and it died on me until reboot. The first video only does the first second of it sound correct then you can hear the studdering and then watch it die....i promise this is not intended and I sent tasty chips the patch. The second video shows me hitting different pads after the lockup. Tasty chips is fucking awsome with their support but I need a working instrument.


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    It doesn't seem like a bug. It seems like you've hit max polyphony.. Use the performance menu -> DSP Metering. This will show a blue bar on the bottom of the screen. If that gets near the right edge, the CPU is in overload. Reduce density, and release, grain size, possibly spray.. Also read the manual chapter "Polyphony".
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    I will check thanks.
  • Ok. Also, we accept that while it's technically not a fatal bug anymore than overloading your DAW on Mac/PC, that a superslow GUI will definitely confuse some users and will cause them to panic and reboot. In that sense you are completely right. So, we've made an issue to drive down density or polyphony automatically to overcome audio drop-outs (even if it may mute some voices), to keep the GUI responsive.. To be released in v2.1.
  • Thanks tasty chips.....i jammed with it last night without issue
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