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GR-1 - SYS 2.0.3 : Bug report

It seems that the Patch Volume is not stored properly when saving a patch in Sys 2.0.3... I tweaked the patch volume to have it 50% less than full possible volume, quick saved my patch but, when I load the resulting saved patch, it plays at full volume...


  • Working on the next couple of fixes for 2.0.. This one I could not reproduce either with patch quick save, nor with performance save. The reduced volume just gets set as it should. Could you please make a video?
  • Something that I just noticed in 2.0.3 is that when a sample is loaded from usb, and then press the “shift” + “2” buttons to go multitimbral... the sound that was just loaded from usb reverts to the default sound from startup (but still displays the waveform from the usb sample).
  • I didn’t have this issue when only using the on-board samples
  • Ok, will check it out in the coming days.. Could be something with the undo buffer.
  • Solved the display refresh bug. Will be released in 2.0.4.
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