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Startpoint @ Sample Mode

While triggering a Sample by a note, it doesnt start at the Sliderposition.
It works in Granular Mode ( .. somehow not always) but the grain size is to small for beats and vocals.
i know its not a "sampler" , but i hope i can adjust that somehwere..


  • For our understanding, is there a specific reason you want to do this on the GR-1? Why not the MPC Live/X/Force or the Deluge?
  • yes, i used that on the korg microsampler. but would be great to have this opportunity on the gr-1 aswell ( less machines to deal with/ more storage place on gr-1..). Recording audio into the gr-1 with the possiblity to play that material as granular but also sample would be top !!
  • Ok, clear. We'll consider it. Implementation will be in v2.2 most likely. This is still a few months off.
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