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Re:20 GB internal flash memory

Hi there, I pre-ordered back in Jan. (Order #3375). Will the version I'm receiving have the 20 GB of flash memory?



  • Yes, the newer GR-1's all have 32G SD cards inside. Yours will have it as well.
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    Ok, great. Thanks for the reply.

    And now, back to the movie; watching 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin'...
  • Is it possible to upgrade my unit (from July 2018) to larger SD card?
  • It is, but you need to do some manual actions. Buy a 32GB UHS Micro SD, then flash the following image . Flashing SD cards is best done with Etcher.
  • Hi,

    I've just replaced my SD Card with a 32 GB one and re-updated to last system version... I can see the GR-1 is much more fluid and quick when browsing my USB HD content (looking for samples for example) which is great...

    Are there any other positive aspects to expect ? Can I load samples heavier than 10 GB for example ?

  • Ok, good to hear. Well, such large samples will always be truncated to the first 2 minutes anyway.. But if you feel brave you can take full advantage of the UHS speed.

    Insert your SD card in a card reader on your PC/Mac and add the following line in the config.txt file:


    That should double the speed of the internal storage. Will also make booting a bit faster. NOTE: your card must 100% sure be UHS capable, otherwise it won't even boot! ;)

    Also note that after firmware upgrade, this line will be gone again, since we want to stay backwards compatible with old SD cards.

    Have fun ;)
  • Great... Will do so very soon...
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