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Re:20 GB internal flash memory

Hi there, I pre-ordered back in Jan. (Order #3375). Will the version I'm receiving have the 20 GB of flash memory?



  • Yes, the newer GR-1's all have 32G SD cards inside. Yours will have it as well.
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    Ok, great. Thanks for the reply.

    And now, back to the movie; watching 'The 36th Chamber of Shaolin'...
  • Is it possible to upgrade my unit (from July 2018) to larger SD card?
  • It is, but you need to do some manual actions. Buy a 32GB UHS Micro SD, then flash the following image . Flashing SD cards is best done with Etcher.
  • Hi,

    I've just replaced my SD Card with a 32 GB one and re-updated to last system version... I can see the GR-1 is much more fluid and quick when browsing my USB HD content (looking for samples for example) which is great...

    Are there any other positive aspects to expect ? Can I load samples heavier than 10 GB for example ?

  • Ok, good to hear. Well, such large samples will always be truncated to the first 2 minutes anyway.. But if you feel brave you can take full advantage of the UHS speed.

    Insert your SD card in a card reader on your PC/Mac and add the following line in the config.txt file:


    That should double the speed of the internal storage. Will also make booting a bit faster. NOTE: your card must 100% sure be UHS capable, otherwise it won't even boot! ;)

    Also note that after firmware upgrade, this line will be gone again, since we want to stay backwards compatible with old SD cards.

    Have fun ;)
  • Great... Will do so very soon...
  • Hi, I just bought a new unit today in a store in Berlin. The firmware says v1.6.1
    Is this the one with 20GB flash memory? I don't know when this firmware was released so I wanted to make sure that I didn't buy the old model.
  • You can check by browsing:
    1. Press "Perf"
    2. Press Shift+Load
    3. Select /media/internal
    If there are 50 folders here you have the 20GB of storage. If there are only 7 you got the old SD card.
  • Just Flashed the newer OS. Super simple with Etcher and worked 1 st time :-)
  • nice tips ! i will do it !
  • Please remember to do this procedure with a new micro sd card of at least 32GB (not on the old 8 GB card!). Otherwise the GR-1 may crash when running out of space.
  • Will opening the GR-1 and changing the SD card void the warranty?
  • We want to allow people to properly maintain their GR-1. SD cards are not perfect, and may degrade after a few years, so it's only good that people will do some effort to replace them. However, also only logical... we will charge repairs fees for any other tampering going inside leading to a malfunctioning unit..
  • That is absolutely fair, thank you!
  • I wanted to change my 16GB Card to a bigger 32GB one. I did as described above, flashed with balena etcher, but it did not work. On the GR-1 screen apeared only code. Not the startscreen. Maybe you can give me instructions how to do better.
  • IIRC it helps to unzip the image first. I think some etcher versions have problems with zipped images..
  • Foto from screen:
    I unzipped first, tried both. No change. Booting with old 16GB Card works fine.
  • Curious.. It could be that the Pi chokes on certain SD cards.. Although we haven't had them ourselves..
  • What brand and model is it?
  • It's a SanDisk Ultra 32GB HC1.
  • Thanks. Seems this thread has the solution! This card won't work, but a working alternative is supplied.
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