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Changing "focused" part on multitimbral GR-1 patch

Is it possible to switch the focus between the 4 patches in a multitimbral patch, or will the last patch added always be the only focused patch?
Also, can a multitimbral patch be saved?


  • This feature will come in firmware 2.1. The GR-1 saves separate samples, separate patches (a patch is a timbre), and performances (all patches + global settings). If you want to keep your tweaks perform quicksave (Shift+Save) while Perf button is lit.
  • Hi, one way to handle this currently:
    - You added 4 parts, so the focus is on the last one (bottom)
    - To switch the focus to the 2nd part for example press (shift+Preset2) => It clears the 2nd slot/part, then do the key combo again (shift+Preset2)
    - Looks like it loads the last part that has been selected (hopefully you quicksaved it before)
    - Then the focus is on the 2nd part instead of the last one

    Hope it helps
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