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GR-1 Firmware 2.1.0 Released

Download page:

Direct download:

Release note:

GR-1 Firmware 2.1

New features:

- Directly create performances from sample folders on your USB. No messing around with repeated loads and naming patches using the encoder.
- For multi-timbral - Use Select to focus parts. And keep tweaks to all 4 parts, until you press a preset again.
- Tune your sample with one press on the MIDI keyboard.
- MOD matrix now has amplitude and pan spray destinations.
- MOD matrix now has keyboard pitch source row: last played note.
- Also load samples when in patch mode.
- Filter keyboard tracking: in the MOD matrix, cutoff is now a destination for pitch.
- Modwheel can now be used to amplify the MOD matrix, using toggles in patch menu.
- Knob setpoints on multipliers and dividers.
- Better highlighted position in MOD matrix.
- In multi-timbral mode: the ability to keep recording while focussing on other parts.
- Support for extended WAV types.


- Skip over chapter heads in patch menu.


- Dead filter (muted sound with a *plop*) fixed.
- Fixed crash when starting up with the arturia keystep plugged in.
- Resonance knob crackles removed.
- More robust against bad incoming MIDI data.
- Correct HOLD function. All new notes will be held until HOLD is disabled again.
- Audition mode sometimes used modulations, fixed.
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