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GR-1 Firmware 2.1.0 Released

Download page:

Direct download:

Release note:

GR-1 Firmware 2.1

New features:

- Directly create performances from sample folders on your USB. No messing around with repeated loads and naming patches using the encoder.
- For multi-timbral - Use Select to focus parts. And keep tweaks to all 4 parts, until you press a preset again.
- Tune your sample with one press on the MIDI keyboard.
- MOD matrix now has amplitude and pan spray destinations.
- MOD matrix now has keyboard pitch source row: last played note.
- Also load samples when in patch mode.
- Filter keyboard tracking: in the MOD matrix, cutoff is now a destination for pitch.
- Modwheel can now be used to amplify the MOD matrix, using toggles in patch menu.
- Knob setpoints on multipliers and dividers.
- Better highlighted position in MOD matrix.
- In multi-timbral mode: the ability to keep recording while focussing on other parts.
- Support for extended WAV types.


- Skip over chapter heads in patch menu.


- Dead filter (muted sound with a *plop*) fixed.
- Fixed crash when starting up with the arturia keystep plugged in.
- Resonance knob crackles removed.
- More robust against bad incoming MIDI data.
- Correct HOLD function. All new notes will be held until HOLD is disabled again.
- Audition mode sometimes used modulations, fixed.


  • Hello, I've followed this process and I cannot update my GR-1. I have tried two different USB sticks both formatted ExFat and followed your instructions, but the unit I have gets stuck on "updating.... please wait" and it never updates. What can I do to resolve this?
  • Hi. I found this too so used the LAN connection & the update appeared to complete successfully.
  • So although the firmware update was successful I appear to have found some bugs...

    - Performance Config screen: So when the MIDI channel slider control is set to OMNI / furthest left, the unit & display freeze & lock completely forcing a restart. Dont know how widely this bug will have been experienced as OMNI is generally only used for diagnostic purposes & no use for sequencing.

    - No audio output when patches are triggered by MIDI: Using the MID in DIN connection I assigned 4 patches to MIDI channels 1-4 in the Patch Config screen & then created 4 associated MIDI tracks in LogicPro. I ran a looped section to trigger the the 4 patches on the GR-1. The MIDI indicator on the GR1 responded as the loop triggered the presets but was generating no audio at all. The play button seemed to be the only way to trigger the patches. So I attempted to trigger the patches manually, one at a time with a keyboard, connected directly to Logic (via USB). Again the GR-1 indicated it was receiving the signal from each key hit but generating no sound. So I connected the keyboard directly to the GR-1 via USB & it failed to be even recognized. However after restarting the GR-1 it recognized the keyboard immediately & I could successfully trigger the presets (audibly).

    I am going to keep researching this issue as there could be some kind of comm issue with Logic itself, however the settings are identical for 3 other connected hardware synths, which are triggering audio fine. So I'm puzzled & slightly frustrated as I really want to get busy using the GR-1 with my other instruments :)
  • edited October 2019
    - Performance MIDI Channel OMNI: tried now on our dev unit. Cannot reproduce. Tried both USB and DIN MIDI inputs. Tried to send on MIDI channels 1 and 2. What patches are you using? We're using Preset 1 from the default performance here..
  • Ah, nevermind! This is a combination of a patch set to a specific channel + the global OMNI. On it!
  • Sorry. Was busy so could no respond sooner. Using MID in DIN connection I assigned patches 1-4 from the default performance to MIDI channels 1-4 & then created 4 associated MIDI tracks (ch 1-2) in LogicPro. I ran a looped section of notes from Logic to trigger the the 4 patches & GR-1 displays the MIDI in icon but fails to trigger playback of any of the patches.
  • Just read the FAQ note about MIDI connection & I actually use the iConnect4+ so will try as you suggest connecting the GR-1 to my mac using via the iCA4.
  • Nice, looking at the rear of the iConnect4+ I can also see the same two USB B ports as the mio2. High chance of success!
  • Interesting... so I too cannot reproduce the system freeze when using the OMNI setting now... even though the freeze happened 3 times in a row after the firmware update 2 nights ago. In any case its cool & I'm relieved! Next... with Perf Config MIDI option set to OMNI I restarted Logic & assigned 3 Logic tracks to MIDI 1,2,3 & mirrored the MIDI assignment on GR-1 presets 1,2,3. So now Logic triggers the GR-1 presets exclusively on each channel & likewise the keyboard manually triggers notes so the problem appears to be solved! But while happy also I'm confused. On all other MIDI devices I've used OMNI is generally discouraged for mutlitimbral use as it only receives on 1 channel? But most of my other synths are quite old!
  • Forgot to mention that I was using the DIN in connection between Mac & GR-1 as the iConnect4+ to GR-1 connection didnt seem to work at all unfortunately.
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