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GR-1 whish for slower density speed / less grains / clock divider

first off all thanks for this spirit machine.

i like payaround the speed and amount of grains by turning density in grain sync mode.
i often come to the point where i would love to turn the knob more left than zero position (Clock 1/0) can, getting less grains.
giving the GR-1 a halftime clock does the job, but is bit itchy in my non computer setup.

Any Chance to get values like -Clock 0.5/0-, or even -Clock 0,25/0-, funny could be -Clock 0.33/0- and -Clock 0.66/0-.
best regards from Frank Zappa Street, Berlin.


  • It's hard for me to understand this. The MIDI clock can already be divided down by 10. Just use the Shift button with the density knob. Hope this helps?
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