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GR-1 in use

Greetings. I’m wondering how the people who own one are getting on with theirs.

I’m primarily interested in one for the performance aspect: grab a GR-1, an effects unit, and go. Especially now that it’s multitimbral, I could imagine working with it live.

However, I’m concerned about the 2 minute limit for samples (I usually work with longer samples), and also the feel of the unit for performance. I played with one for about 30 minutes at SchneidersLaden and at first was not super impressed with the feel of it: the slider should have been looser and the faders tighter, and the buttons didn’t give much feedback. But within a few minutes I was doing some pretty cool things with it. It did not appear to have the OS 2.1 update on it, though.

So I’d love to hear more about how people are using it for real-time granulation and performance, especially with the version 2 update.

Additionally, there's some mention that the main board inside is user-replaceable. Does that mean at some point it might be possible to have an even more powerful engine inside?

My background: I've been using granular processing in one form or another since around 2002 (Audio Ease Riverrun). First as a studio effect, and later with various not entirely satisfying attempts to perform live (computer + controller; Octatrack).

Generally I work with long samples (up to 10 minutes sometimes), and run 2-4 things at a time (stacking sounds) during a piece.
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