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GR-1 patch load problem

edited June 2019 in Tasty Chips Products
I just started using my GR-1 and I have a problem loading patches the way I saved them:
I stored and named all my patches without problems in the usb/usbstick/patch directory and after turning on the GR-1 I can load a patch correctly... but if modify the density parameter or I change the voice pitch (for example), every patch I will load subsequently will have different parameters values than the ones I saved.

Better said, when I load a patch, it gets some values (like the "voicepitch" but not the adsr, for example) from the previous one.

What I'm a doing wrong? :-)

Thank you!


  • I'm noticing that this problem affects mostly the "density" parameter, that also gets a lower value when I change the sample of a patch
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