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GR-1 not able to deal with Haken Continuum Midi data stream?

I tried using the Continuum as a midi controller for the GR-1 granular synth, but whenever I slide left or right on the surface or even just play vibrato there is a crackling noise. I was asking about it in the continuum facebook group and they think the GR-1 might not be able to keep up with continuums midi data stream. The Linnstrument works but it also sends much less midi data on a pitchbend.
@tastychips I guess you haven't checked if the GR-1 really works with the Continuum since there are not that many around?
I uploaded a picture with a comparison between the Linnstrument and Continuum midi data stream on a pitchbend.
Could you let me know if it is possible to update the firmware so it will be able to work with the continuum?
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