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GR-1 Audio Input sample rate problem?

I bought one of those little cheap audio input USB dongles to try with the GR-1. I can record a sample from live audio, but it seems to bringing it in at a higher sample rate -- in other words, whatever I record plays back at a higher pitch than the source.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there a way to correct it?


  • following up on this

    this is the specific device:

    I plugged it into my Mac and see that it has the capability of switchable 44/48khz, but not via any mechanical switches on the device. Does the GR-1 or can it have the option to select sample rate coming from USB audio devices?
  • If it was recording at a different sample rate, then there would be drop outs. There aren't so, the sample rate is fine. What you need to check is tuning. Start with the tuning knob..
  • OK, fair enough. Yes - I find that if I have the tuning knob set to the center detent, then audio coming in through the USB audio device are pitched higher, so I have to turn the tuning knob lower to achieve the original pitch of the sampled audio. Is there a way to set the GR-1 so that having the knob at the center position ensures incoming audio is at the correct pitch?

  • and by correct pitch, I mean matching the original source audio.
  • ..which brings us to the other pitch controls of the GR-1.

    - As you know the adsr sliders can be used to tune the voices. make sure they are at the bottom.

    - Patch menu (Shift+Patch) -> "Slider base note" can influence this as well.

    - If you use a MIDI keyboard : Patch menu (Shift+Patch) -> "Keyboard tuning"

    If that doesn't correct it, please note that CV's and LFO's modulating pitch are also possible, and a pitch wheel will also influence pitch...

    Yes, that's a lot of pitch sources ;)
  • can you tell me what default tuning settings should be all around, as I can only seem to get the audio coming in correctly by tweaking the slider base note or keyboard tuning note to odd values... Is there a way to "factory reset" this unit if the tuning gets weird?
  • Please see the manual on the "Initialize performance" feature. This takes a bunch of WAVs and makes default patches out of them. They should be tuned to C.
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