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Pops and Clicks in Live Record Mode

edited July 2019 in Tasty Chips Products

I'm running into an issue with pops and clicks when in Live Record mode.

Using the following settings:

Looping Record Mode On
Record from Current Position
Rec Level 1
Sample Size 2

I hear a Intermittent pops and clicks in the resulting audio. Not the recorded audio but the actual GR1 playback of grains on the audio. Seems to occur more when the recording playhead crosses over the grain playhead.

I've made sure its not the grains themselves, the pops and clicks sound like a processor issue. Even with short duration and a small amount of grains, they still occur periodically.

Edit: further info:

I’m using a focus rite 2 channel Scarlett usb audio interface

When I pause record it seems like I can find areas of the recorded audio to reproduce the clicks

Anything I should look into to resolve this?


  • edited July 2019
    This is due to the nature of a looping recording buffer and audio. Everything left of the red line is freshly recorded, but just right of it is much older sample data being overwritten. If the GR-1 attempts to play parts around the red line, it will play part freshly recorded, and then abruptly jump to new audio. Abrupt jumps are perceived by the ear as plops. In any case, this is completely normal.

    How to avoid these clicks? Make sure the scan speed is locked at 1.00x It's easy to do as there's a deadzone on the knob for it.

    Cheers ;)
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