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Interference when USB Audio Interface has Input 1/4" cables plugged in

edited July 2019 in Tasty Chips Products
Hello! I'm using a focus rite stereo input scarlet as my usb input device. When connected to the GR1, there is a strange interference signal when I have the stereo 1/4" input cables plugged into the scarlet.

Is this a balanced / unbalanced cable issue?

More info:

I've tried:

- Changing USB Cable
- Changing 1/4" cables from balanced to unbalanced
- Connecting directly to instrument instead of to my Apollo audio interface output
- Connecting power to another outlet (Grounding check)


  • I’m using a Scarlett’s 2i2 which should be supported
  • Has anyone noticed interference when a usb cable is plugged into their unit or is this maybe a hardware defect?
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