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How to...Ableton ?

Sorry for the lame title, kept it simple :)

So today I received my unit, and I'm an Ableton user, so I was hoping to plug it right away with a standard USB cable directly to my computer, and using my Prophet 6 as a midi keyboard to play the GR-1

But oh what a bad surprise, you can't actually connect it with a "normal" USB cable ! I'm suspecting to connect with a twin USB cable being a very bad idea (the one that has the exact same plug on both ends of the cable) asthe manual specificaly says "Do not connect external Hard disk drives to the USB ports, doing so can damage your GR-1", it could think the Mac is an external hard drive.

I then tried to connect with a good old MIDI cable from my Prophet 6 out to GR in, again, no luck for the unit to connect with Ableton. Even on stand alone mode.

My set up is that the Prophet 6 has it's own midi channel (number 6), I tried to share the same midi channel on the GR-1 but nothing, any other midi channel won't work either.

The only way I managed to make the Prophet 6 plays the Gr-1 was to connect it directly to the GR-1 via USB, but then of course, I can't connect it to Ableton anymore since the USB is already taken by the GR-1.

What's the trick to connect it directly to Abelon (if that's possible ?) - I just spent 2 hours trying any possible combo, cable, midi channels and so on... :(

Thanks for your help !


  • Hi. If you look at my comment in the category named 'GR-1 Firmware 2.1.0 Released' you will notice I have had similar problems attempting to sequence the GR-1 from Logic. I do actually see the MIDI icon responding to key hits & any playback activity in the Logic timeline but the patch or the grains are not actually being triggered by the incoming MIDI, which is a real wind up :-/
  • Hi have the same bug as you > Performance Config screen: So when the MIDI channel slider control is set to OMNI / furthest left, the unit & display freeze & lock completely forcing a restart.

    I made some progress, I can now play and hear the Gr1 with my Prophet via the keyboard using a MIDI cable, by sharing the same midi channel only.

    I can record some midi notes, but it won't playback them on the GR1, while the Prophet 6 does play those notes.

    I set my Prophet midi out to both USB and MIDI.

    Feeling really stupid here, I've using MIDI for 20 years, and nothing like it happened before...

  • Ok. So am I correct in thinking you are triggering patch playback of the GR-1 using your Prophet, connected directly via MIDI DIN connector? I manged that with my keyboard connected to a GR-1 USB port.

    But I tried triggering patch playback of the GR-1 with a looped region of MIDI notes & got same as you... nada :(
  • Yes I can playback using my prophet either using USB or a MIDI cable.
    I mean by that, I can play live on the keyboard and will hear the GR-1, but they must share the same midi channel, for instance here Channel 6 (as it's easy to remember with the Prophet 6)

    I can record midit events (notes) in Ableton, I can see them, but it won't play it back on the Gr-1, but will play back on the Pro 6 (like always)

    Not that I can see the MIDI icon flashing when I play on the keyboard, not when I press play on Ableton

    Just like you, NADA
  • Interesting. I have not attempted to record any MIDI input form the GR-1 into Logic. But at this stage I am more interested in getting the GR-1 to actively respond to any kind of incoming MIDI trigger. I will let you know if I make any progress but right now I'm getting thoroughly frustrated as I really want to use the GR-1 in commercial production projects I'm currently working on for my label. Grrrrrrr!
  • Same for me...
    All i'm asking is a simple connection between my DAW to the GR-1, so it can playback midi notes like any other external device.

    My Prophet 6, Moog Sub37 and even my modular system via simple clock or more complex midi data via Expert Sleepers FH-2 are working perfectly.

    I'm also frustrated here !
  • Fear not brave synthesists, Tasty Chips has begun one hell of a bug hunt today to bring you firmware 2.1.1 and beyond!
  • Ok, this can probably be solved without any modification to the firmware:

    If you want to connect your DAW to the GR-1.. The GR-1 is a USB Host.. not a USB device. That means you'll either need a USB->DIN MIDI adapter like this:

    Or even better.. If you're doing a lot of modulation, automations, etc: a USB Host-to-host adapter:

    We'll also feature this in the latest manual.
  • That is great news TC! I really want to unleash this bad boy in new material I'm working on right now. If the new firmware improvements sync with my schedule I will be naming checking the GR-1 in the press releases!
  • So it happen that I do own a USB>DIN MIDI, the Maudio you showed. I use it for my Moog Model D. It does work now properly.

    I shall look at the other option you presents for further modulation :)

    Thanks !
  • Wow. That sounds positive. I dont own USB to DIN so will have to find one!
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