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Another GR-1 bug with latest firmware 2.1.1

In a performance, when switching to an empty bank (bank 4, preset 1) and then back again to a bank 3, preset 1- the sample won't play on some keys and will only output through the right side of the stereo field. Also, even though there is a sample waveform on the screen the word 'empty' appears in the bottom left. I named the sample and when switching to bank 4 (which is empty) again and going back to bank 3, the same issue happens and the sample is now renamed to 'empty'- even though I named it. Retested a third time and still the same issue.


  • This sounds very odd. Maybe there's something wrong with your unit. But we'll try to reproduce this tomorrow..
  • Just to be sure: Did you save the _patch_ or the _sample_ ? If you saved the sample, that names just the wav on disk, _not_ the patch name (which is on the main screen in the lower left).
  • Not sure what it was but it's gone now. I think it was happening because i was saving performances inside of performances creating duplicates of everything. I have since cleaned up the mess and everything seems to be working cool now. Sorry for the confusion. Please don't trouble yourself with it:)
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