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GR-1 saving multi-timbral performances


I have some issues with saving a multi-timbral perfomance.
The issue I have is, that a performance that I want to save (containing 4 patches/samples f.e.) doesn't get saved properly, because loading the previously saved performance again completely juggles the samples in a different order.
Also naming performances is not really possible. It works with patches, though.

Can someone of the team provide me with a clear instruction on how to save multi-timbral performances properly??

Thank you!


  • Saving the multi-part mode and tweaks to all 4 parts is not yet supported in quicksave mode, but this is coming in firmware v2.2.

    Multi-timbral performances can only be saved by making a full performance save. That stores all tweaks to the displayed parts. However it doesn't store which parts are activated and how they're mapped to patched. See above, coming in v2.2.

    Name performance by making named folders on your USB drive/stick on your PC.

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