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often drop outs

i have got the gr-1 yesterday, i love the sound, but i have a problem , what it makes unusuable for me. and it is a lot of drop-outs. i read the manual, and decrease some settings down, but still , also with no extreme settings it is crackling. settings i used : sample lenght: 15s, densinty 100, grain size 340. the think is, that shorter grain, or lower density, are not giving me the fluent sound, what i wanted. and also i realized some weird things, that when i change sample mode to one shot, it stops scaning. and when i change to ping-pong, the "spray blue space" disapears and all screen is blue, like the "spray". maybe some problem with my unit? thanks a lot for answer. Maok


  • Drop-outs also depend on firmware version, pile-up setting, release length. It's hard for us to judge without having access to this information and your patch data.

    One shot is intended to do just that: a single scan, and then to stop.

    If the entire screen is blue, even the right side with the envelopes and stuff, then that's a bug indeed. Could you please mail the exact details of which firmware version you use, which settings, and maybe a video to ? Thanks. You can also send your patch data to us for us to investigate.
  • Hi, thanks for reply. i am sending you now on mail audio recorded od your "synthshot" patch, with original settings. and the voices at the same time could play not more than 5 i gass, cos release is quite short. on the end no extreme settings, no extreme polyphony, but still crackles.
    the blue screen does not do it anymore, so it looks ok for now.
    thank for your help.
  • and now i am trying just sample playback, and crackles are there too, also, when dsp is on low level. and one very interesting think, with sample playback, i will send the video on your mail. thank you for your help to solve this situation. Maok

  • next bug.. when i change the patch, so parameters should stay unchanged until i touch some slider. but some random parameter everytime change by itself in some random moment to the actual position of slider also without touching it.
  • next bug.. sometimes the button of the that four onboard notes doesnot react or after pushing it is not staying on. after release it is return to off.
  • Will be fixed in 2.1.4.. We're testing this right now. Hopefully it will be released next week.
  • amazing, guys! such a wonderfull service. Thank you !
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