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GR-1 Multitimbral Mode: Midi Notes Sticking

when in Multitimbral mode, i have observed that midi notes seem to get stuck on. More concretely, when there are at least two patches in multitimbral mode and am using an external midi keyboard (korg nanokey2 in my case), midi notes non-deterministically get stuck on for all patches. then when i leave multitimbral mode back to one patch, the midi notes are still stuck on. to fix this i have to mash on the keyboard so that the stuck voice gets stolen (hitting the polyphony ceiling).

this always happens in multitimbral mode for me, making it basically unusable :(

anyone else having this issue?


  • First of all, what firmware version are you running?
  • I'm running 2.1.3 and using a Korg nanoKEY2 Keyboard Controller
  • we now reproduced this over here and today we made a fix too. we'll have to test it a bit before 2.1.5 is released though. i hope at the end of the week...
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