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GR-1 CV control over AMP

Not sure if it’s a bug... but I noticed that the only way I’ve been able to achieve CV control over the AMP parameter is to go into the matrix and bring the value into the negative (-) side. Works as expected on the LFO, but with CV it seems to not respond the same. Using the most recent firmware.
Open to suggestions.

Unrelated... I was also hoping to submit a feature request for having FX-1&2 parameters available for modulation and included in the LFO/CV/Matrix. That would be so awesome.
Is the forum the best way to bring up feature requests for future firmwares?

Cheers :)


  • Hi, Odd.. will make an issue to investigate this negative modulation.

    FX parameter modulation will not be included in the matrix. the overhaul of the GUI system is too big (would need a scrollable matrix), and at this moment there are over 70 feature requests and bug reports to tend to. Hope you understand.
  • Btw, are you aware the CV only accepts 0..5V instead of the typical Doepfer -5..+5 ?
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