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GR-1 Firmware 2.1.5


- complete rework of added-live-in-the-mix stackable parts. this respects midi channel and play mode. the idea is that it copies playing notes from last used/focused part to the newly activated part, as long as midi channel and play mode matches.

Bug fixes:

- global midi channel filtering was gone!
- midi notes on multiple channels can now properly control parts listening to them, without any hanging voices.. phew.
- borked envelope on new parts.
- stacking of parts didn't work properly anymore since patches could specifically listen to midi channels and could be toggled to respond to play mode or not.
- audition mode didn't always retrigger its single grain per voice.
- grain clock sync on/off switch in menu killed internal grain scheduler.
- grain key sync didn't persist through load/save.
- rec level didn't respond


  • Hi Tastychips, thanks for this update. i found one bug. when i press note on keyboard, and while pressing i turn "spray" knob to the left (decreasing), the note stacks.
  • Thanks for the report. "Stacks"? It retriggers or so?
  • when i press note, then i turn with spray to the left , it keeps the note playing also after releasing.
  • ..that's really odd, will check it out asap.
  • Just checked over here. Cannot reproduce no matter how hard or slowly I turn the spray knob or how many notes I press or lift on the keyboard. Do you mind making a video and sending to Even better: could you give more specifics: are you using it monotimbral or multitimbral? What devices are connected, USB or DIN MIDI? Does this always happen, or sometimes? if the latter is the case, is there anything that triggers this behavior?
  • maok: did you try with 2.1.8 ? There was a bug when pile-up mode was OFF, that caused hanging notes.. I still cannot reproduce this bug, so maybe that was it?
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