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File system challenges-help

Hi guys. On facebook you wrote:"Tasty Chips Electronics to Josh von Staudach the way to do this is to just load an empty performance from internal storage. then one by one load samples into the preset slots and quicksave the performance each time."
1- i cannot load an empty performance. When selecting an empty performance the GR1 shows ../ When pushing the select knob the file menu goes back to the full listing.
2- When loading a sample from USB the GR1 shows the sample name. Then when trying to save the performance (either by save/save or quick save) the performance does store the sample but keeps the old name.
3- I can load a performance from USB but frequently cannot save it (i/o error and bad directory message). A reboot with no usb stick or keyboard helps. However when i can save the performance, it never overwrites the original folder name. (naming remains performance 10, 11 etc. although the loaded folder had a different name. Hence how do i name performances?

Overall, the GR1 is a great piece of work and i can accept that bug fixes are still part of it's life cycle.
The file system and method chosen however has proven a bigger challenge to me than understanding the synth and all of its aspects. A comprehensive rework of the filing system would add tremendous value to the full package.
Keep up the good work!


  • 1. Sorry that indeed requires a special empty performance and we haven't put it online yet. In the meantime your can use the "Initialize performance" feature in the performance menu (Shift+Perf)

    2. Indeed, renaming a patch only works when saving a patch. After that you can save the performance again.

    3. You cannot name performances on the GR-1. This is something that's completely done on PC/Mac (to relieve the burden of naming stuff with the encoder). Internal storage will just keep the Performance1..50 names, but USB folders can be renamed on the computer, of course. Shame that a save is sometimes not possible to USB? Does this happen only with a keyboard (computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard?) attached?

    In closing, I don't know how much we can fix these problems. Some of them seem part of the learning curve, while the i/o bad directory problems seem like either problems with the usb stick, or bugs on our side.. In any case a rework of the I/O system is not trivial. It'll take months to do. The last major update: the multitimbral system nearly killed me, and it still needs a bit of work..
  • edited December 2019
    Here I've uploaded an empty performance. Just tested it. It should help you quickly build performances from scratch:
  • Hi guys, thx for the prompt response.

    1- The empty performance works fine :-) , very helpful
    2- Works as well but seems a work-around. In my expectation i thought i could just load a sample to an existing internal performance and then quick save it. Technically this works fine it just does not retain the imported sample name. Saving a sample as a patch to USB in between does indeed work to retain the name but that step is futile as i already have that sample on USB.
    3- Being able to edit the GR1 performance names of the internal set would really add to the experience. Apparently Luc-spring 2019 and Perf-maxime-dangles found their way into the root...I'd like to see my own name there..

    regards, a happy customer!
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