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GR-1 Volume of Live Sampling

Hi fellows,
i have issues with the volume of live sampling, which is quite low maybe due to my interface (Behringer UCA222).
I have an iphone plugged in it and even with max volume and 2.00 record level during sampling, the amplitude is far lower then every other sample. Any ideas for me?

Would it be possible to have some kind of normalize function in the unit ?
And it would also be very handy to have a simple trim sample function, although i read here in the forum that you decided against it (for what reason?).



  • Hi Jörg,

    Hhhmm, if the signal level is very low, then a normalize would cause heavy quantization errors. The sound quality wouldn't be the best..

    We have the UFO202 here. Just hooked it up. If I put my macbook's headphone volume to max, the signal level is good on the GR-1. Tried also on my android phone: also good signal level at max volume. I know the UFO202 is not exactly the same as the UCA222, but I think the internals are the same?

    Sample trim won't be included. The GR-1 was not designed as a sample editor. You can set any start position you want using the main slider. Same goes for loop positions. If you really want to edit the sample, you can export it to USB and edit it in your DAW or Audacity.

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