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[gr-1] midi chanel setting and multitinbrality

Hi i have some trouble about setting midi chanel for the gr-1

actually it respond to midi note of any chanel and don't care about the chanel set in the perf seting.
same when i'm set diferent midi chanel per patch (in multitimbrality mode) they are all triged in the same time , and again don't care of the midi chanel the note is coming.

any one have the same probleme ? any idea where i'm missing somthing? :)


  • You're probably sending program changes? These not only reset patches.. Also these listen on all channels and only change the focussed part. Will be properly supported in 2.2, coming next year. In the mean time, please don't send midi program changes...
  • nop, i don't send program changes, just midi note from a keyboard
  • Well, from all the testers we heard that multitimbral now works fine (except for program change).. Need to think how to reproduce it. If you can send your performance in a zip to us?
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