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MIDI Hubs and GR-1

I am having trouble with MIDI hubs and the GR-1. When I directly connect a MIDI controller to my GR-1 I have no issues but it doesn't work. I tried both powered and USB-powered hubs, recent one was a MEEBLIP USB MIDI Interface. Any suggestions?


  • I reckon you are not using a hub to expand the number of USB A ports, since the GR-1 has 4 of them? I take it you are actually referring the USB-MIDI adapters? The M-Audio Uno works fine, although it's been a while. Otherwise, if you need more bandwidth, try the iconnectivity mio2 (USB host-to-host adapter).
  • No it is a MIDI splitter where one MIDI IN signal is transmitted to 3-4 different MIDI devices. The idea was the NI Komplete Kontrol MIDI controller would send MIDI notes to the GR-1 plus other MIDI devices via the hub/splitter.
  • Ah, in that case you could try if the GR-1's MIDI THRU port could help? I don't know if the MIDI splitter also modifies the data it multiplexes, or if it's just a low-level split?
  • the MIDI through is working so I'll use that as a MIDI out for the other desktop synth. Thanks!
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