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GR-1 Firmware 2.2.0

Yes it is done! Firmware 2.2! We see it as the ultimate firmware. It has many new features: tape mode, reverse grains, truly proper multitimbral MIDI.. and it has been tested to destruction and back again.


Release notes:

GR-1 Firmware 2.2.0

New features:

- By popular demand: Reverse grains! Use Shift + Scan to bias the forward/backward direction.
- Tape mode! Scratching using the main slider, play direction reversal, and extreme slow down at your fingertips. Scan knob now controls tape play speed. Pitch knob control the tape's reaction to speed to abrupt changes (like slider movement). This also respects sample loops and scan loops!
- Multitimbral settings now stored in performance (which parts are enabled, which part is highlighted, and which presets are assigned to them.). This means you can recall the multitimbral configuration from last time!
- Grain spawn mode. Decide what is the best way to start a new cloud: gradually generate it ("gradual"), instantly compute all grains ("direct"), or even do this when spawning all at the initial position ("directreset"). The latter yields a boost in volume and bass. You can also "recycle" old/dead grains. That's to weird things up.
- Key from MIDI "Keyboard tuning" now visible in manual/knob tuning display.
- Chain the midi channel of all 4 parts using shift + slider / select knob.
- Finally the delay and reverb effects linger on after a voice's release has ended.
- MIDI CC's for all new matrix cells: AMP, PAN SPRAY columns, and the Pitch row
- Cubic curve for matrix data entry in the patch menu. This activates based on the existing patch menu toggle (Cubic LFO amount curve)
- MIDI CC's for changing MIDI channel per part.
- Proper smooth delay effect. No more crackles when changing delay length.
- In main screen: shows part number, along with the preset name.
- Slider base (in patch menu) note can now also be set by midi keyboard.
- Sample and patch naming now turn lower case text into upper case when turning the Select knob.


- Structural change! Parts now have their own MIDI channel! This used to be per-patch, but that was way more cumbersome.
- Program changes now multitimbral, according to the midi channel -> part mapping.
- Control changes now multitimbral, according to the midi channel -> part mapping.
- Patch menu -> Sample mode now sets permanent mode (granular, audition or tape), and shift+play temporarily overrides this.
- Master volume knob now goes down to 0, with improved curve.
- Patch volume knob now can do up to 10. (to let a single part dominate the mix) and all the way down to 0.
- Removed USB disk sync toggle (it was pretty dangerous, anyway)
- Cleaner looking matrix.
- Note-based controls in the patch menu now have to be explicitly selected before they're sensitive to MIDI notes. This was done to avoid playing notes changing patch settings when scrolling through the menu.
- Anti-aliasing toggle CC moved to NRPN range, in favor of having fwdrev bias control at CC 37.
- 60 fps display all the way!
- Exit from Play Scale octave widget using Escape key instead of scrolling out of it.

Bug fixes:

- Program changes now handled properly.
- Crash on usage of unimplemented CC's.
- Blue overlay freaked out with scan loops.
- Cubic mod amount toggle reset itself to off sometimes..
- Sonic interruption when entering patch menu..
- Broken clock sync midi CC's.
- Quicksave to USB froze when unplugging USB (ok, why do that? but still..) now there's a friendly popup notification and the GR-1 marches on.
- Patch quicksave suffered from amnesia. Now it always remembers if it was already saved before, even after changing preset.
- MIDI clock only accepted by part 1
- NRPN statemachine was borked. arbitrary order of NRPN is now supported, although it will lead to duplicate handling of data.
- NRPN state now properly remembers channel, otherwise part mixups would occur!
- CC67 (tune) had wrong range.
- First header in patch menu no longer selectable, yet it can still scroll all the way to the top to show it.
- LFO2 delay sync was broken.

Known issues:

- Preset names in multitimbral mode don't always update after performance load.
- clicks in distortion fx (similar to snare instrument pick up noise) when multiple voices triggering/releasing..


  • Can you dig it? We also released a brand spanking new sound pack from our in-house musician! Preset 7 and 16 use a powerful but underused feature "granular glide". Preset 9 demonstrates tape mode. And loads more modulated madness!
  • Great work ! Thanks !
  • Hey dudes this looks like one monster update. Very excited just reading through the mods. I'm about to plug in the LAN cable shortly! Just curious about this new feature: 'MIDI CC's for changing MIDI channel per part.' Does this include MIDI CC 7 for volume?
  • Oh shit! Internet update! Forgot to set the website to link to the latest version! Should be up in a few minutes!
  • edited March 2020
    Ok, the new firmware is now also available via the LAN cable. CC 7 doesn't seem to be implemented yet. That'll be firmware 2.3 then..
  • Hi. Did have problems attempting direct update but will give it 10 mins. Not a deal breaker regarding CC7 but handy for live performance. Out of interest - when the slider mode is set to 'volume' should that change function of for each 'ADSR' slider to a dedicated volume control for parts 1-4? Thanks.
  • Hhmm, curious about the update. It shouldn't be too picky about USB sticks anymore. At least, we've now tried a dozen of models.

    Yes, the slider volume mode does exactly that. When you're in the menu you can toggle on and off while moving the sliders to quickly switch between volume and pitch control.
  • Cool. I was a but confused about that as when I had used that setting only slider 'A' worked as volume control for part 1 in multi timbral mode. Sliders 'D,S,R' failed to respond as volume for parts 3-4 but I wasn't actively moving those sliders while assigning.
  • I just prefer to use the LAN update as it seems more direct. Only use USB stick for patch loading & storage :)
  • Indeed, LAN update is the easiest choice. Supplying your router works properly.

    About the volume sliders. I now reread your question again. Sorry, my answer should have been: they control the volume of the _voices_ not of the parts (!).
  • So I'm finding that only slider 'A' works independently when assigned to part 1. Parts 2-3 clearly display the value change responding to the slider but the actual audio volume remains unaffected for those parts. Have not upgraded firmware yet btw as I have not had a chance
  • Yep I get it now. Apologies for the misunderstanding there. I've been approaching the learning curve with the GR-1 from a practical. So integrating it into an ongoing compositions as I'm working, which has is practical in terms of intuitive orientation but features, as I've described above, can get lost in translation!
  • Outstanding update fellas .... Had some time with the update, the reverse grain implementation is excellent as is the tape feature ... well done!!!
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