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Loading Performances

I'm new to the forum and to GR-1. I couldn't find an answer to my problem:
I can't load any new performance, even if I saved it 10 minutes ago, neither from usb nor from internal. It always says "Failed to load performance". Also "initialize performance" doesn't work, it says "Dir must have at least 2 samples", even if there are plenty of samples inside a folder.
Loading Samples and Patches works fine though.

I hope for answers! Cheers,



  • Hi Markus,

    First of all, what firmware version are you running? Secondly, have you tried downloading standard performances to your USB stick, unzipping, and loading those?

  • edited March 31
    Oh dear.. I recall we installed a beta version on your unit. Correct? And you probably didn't happen to upgrade to the latest version? I urge you to upgrade to the latest firmware and try again. How to upgrade is described in the manual page . Section "Check Firmware Upgrade" and chapter "Firmware updates". Hopefully this will fix your problem. Thanks.
  • Hello

    Indeed, it helped upgrading, thanks!


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