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GR-1 ADSR Value Automatic beating

Why My GR-1 ADSR Value always Automatic beating ?I turn down the LFO ,and upgrade 3 times but it didn't work?

what i should do to fix it?I really need help plzzz!


  • Please explain? What is automatic beating?
  • Best just post a video here, or send it to ?
  • Thanks for your quickly reply.
    The problem is :ADSR’s Parameter are Unstable,auto change randomly . the knob image constantly show on the Upper right corner of the screen .
  • Ahhhh that's what you mean.. Yes, this is a known problem with some units. Means that a slider is damaged or dusty or so.. please mail us at so we can talk about repairs.
  • I have n’t dropped it, it was fine yesterday. If is dusty,can i open the back cover and Blow off dust?
  • Yes, that can't hurt.. blow from the side when the bottom plate is removed.. the sides are open then. If that doesn't help, then we can repair, or you can use "potentiometer setpoints" in the performance menu.
  • how to use potentiometer setpoints ?
  • Go to the performance menu and toggle it on. When you want to use a knob or slider you now have to turn/slide it to the preset value for it to become active.. the display will show a lock icon until you do. It also shows a % value, and that's the one you need to turn it to.
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