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gr-1 fine-tune

Hello there

Thanks for all the work that's been done on the recent, massive o.s upgrade (and overall for that matter). The GR-1 is a truly fantastic machine!

I'm still on 2.2.0 and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong? But I'm finding fine-tuning a sample to be somewhat precarious.

It would be super to be able to step through a clearly defined scope of cents rather than have to hope I hit the right value in between semitones

Also, midi cc 67 doesn't appear to have any visible effect on screen although it is audibly changing the sound.

Sorry if I've missed something, but I've gone over the manual a good few times and checked here also



  • Hey man!

    Thanks for all the kind words. Much appreciated. :)

    Sample fine tuning is what it is unfortunately. It would be useful to have a knob to tune it -100..+100 cents. Or a bigger knob with higher resolution.. But at this moment we think it's best to leave that for future hardware.

    The MIDI CC 67 issue we've added to the issue tracker. Hopefully to be implemented next firmware.

    Take care, and stay safe!
  • Thanks for getting back!

    Nice to know a much wider and well defined fine-tune is on the list, looking forward... I figured it may work tidily on "shift + tune"?

    And just to point out that cc's 23-26 for the amp env are updating the sound and displaying the amounts in digits as the controller numbers are being moved, however, the envelope image is not updating in the same fluid way the grain envelope is

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