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can i load my own 16bit integer wav's convolutions into the ECR?

what is the voltage range the input(s) demand?
will they respond to -5 -> +5 V ?

have a nice one


  • Hi there.

    That's the idea yes. Just copy them onto the supplied USB/SD card. Very easy to plug into your mac/pc and back again. The ECR eats all types of WAV's as far as we know. Also the 16 bit ones from the GR-1 for instance, yes.

    The audio inputs can handle up to -10,+10.. down to line level. It's got a level adjustment knob. The CV's operate in range -5,+5.
  • edited April 17
    thanks for the Quickie!

    what is the format of the supplied SD card ? Can the responses be put (and browsed consequently) into folders?
    (i got many 1000 of them, organized mostly per device, in a separate folder for each original device)
  • Nope, no folders. But you can scroll through responses 10 at a time. The SD card is ExFat iirc..
  • For more information with all the details, there's the manual here: (scroll down a bit)
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